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I was born in the “far” 1960 in February, in a pleasant town called Naples, near Vomero, under the sign of Aquarius. Lived during his childhood initially near San Giorgio a Cremano, and for almost 5 years in Sicily, at the extreme tip, Marsala. (So ​​the landings were recalculated to 1001)! Subsequently “landed” again in Campania, this time in Portici, where I currently insist on living…
After some scholastic vicissitudes, I finally became a surveyor and, just for consistency, I enrolled in the faculty of mechanical engineering, but I immediately started working in the field of naval mechanics applied to centrifuges and heat exchangers in the engine room, for around 21 years old, so I abandon my studies due to lack of time…
They catch me in the military service in Tuscany, where I become one of the only 3 driving instructors in the entire military region, and I progress as a license up to “D” (but currently I only have “C” left…), and as grades up to “Sergeant”. Well, that’s fine.
At the same time I was interested in the sector of personal computers, which at the time were only in black and white, with a miserable and tiny flashing white rectangle, from which to write commands, unknown to most at the time. And so I try my hand at the task by delving deeper and deeper into it. Not happy, I begin to disassemble and reassemble the internals (with all those damned setting jumpers now non-existent!). At that point the first visual development environments began to arrive, the first advanced floppy disk drives, the first mice, the first color video cards!!! Then the CD-ROMs, the larger hard disks (at the beginning they were 10 MB, then they reached 800 MB. Pure science fiction for us!). And the first computer graphics software, which entered my brain and never left again!
In the midst of the journey of “my” life, many commitments, many satisfactions, many goals achieved, so much commitment and so much resourcefulness in the most varied fields of graphics, IT and photography. Photography, a hobby that has become semi-professional since I was 16 until today, in which I continue to dabble very often, and which has given me multiple rewards.
Over the years, I have collaborated in the graphic sector on the layout of important magazines for the University of Naples and various other publications of various non-public bodies, also creating some photographic reportages for them.
In the graphic field and in the creation of brands, I have taken steps to build the image of various centres, as well as different types of very relevant illustrated catalogues, with rather large typographical runs. Many of my creations have also been published in magazines that can be purchased on newsstands. Furthermore, thanks to my continuous updates, I was also able to teach in state high schools in the computer literacy sector for a good two years.
After 2000, I started working as the only graphic designer and Art-Director in a global company oriented towards the construction of professional photo albums, creating for it all the new models for sale, reselling them on an annual basis. At the same time, again for them (for 20 years), I was responsible for the construction of my first websites (2001), photographic processing and professional digital printing, as well as the entire company IT system.
Currently (for 3 months in a row), I have been the teaching assistant for a training course for Website Designer & Builder in a CMS environment, lasting 300 hours.
I therefore have excellent command of the hardware and software of personal computers equipped with WINDOWS operating systems. A good knowledge of software mainly oriented towards graphics in all its aspects, among the most used worldwide. Good knowledge in the field of Web Design and Web in general.
I still deal with graphic design for brochures, catalogues, signage and various, image editing, multimedia and web design, and always hardware, software and data recovery technical assistance.
It doesn’t create any problems for me to live and work with other people, even in a multicultural environment, occupying positions where communication is important and in situations where it is essential to work as a team or make decisions to improve and speed up the work cycle.
I assume I have a good learning ability and the necessary will to exploit it. Furthermore, being self-taught, I always try to learn new notions and tools that can help me in devising interesting solutions in the workplace and beyond.
I have always been interested in work solutions that improve my situation current life and that give me gratifications in every sense, and to achieve this I am continually committed to updating myself and giving the best of myself, without sparing myself. For some of my photography hobbies, I currently use semi-professional digital equipment and also a drone for aerial photography and filming.
I have a high self-didactic ability, which has always allowed me to deal with any type of problem without excessive problems.
Lover of Science-Fiction, in 2002 I tried in writing, and finally publish the book “HOPEWORLDS – The Worlds of Hope”, on a national scale, also in the catalog by LaFeltrinelli.

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